Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Beginning of day 8.

We have been running in polyphasic sleep mode 7 days. How does it feel?
Well first I have to admit, that I overslept today 2 hours, this is bad. Comparing with monday it is a progress :) Tomorrow I need here some fans or cheerleaders.. hardest for me are naps 12 and 4 pm. You just don't hear the alarmclock.

There are no more this kind of hard sleep deprivation feeling, however I still am more tired after each nap than before - this is not right. Comparing with Steve Pavlina we haven't had such a progress, but this doesn't mean, that there are no progress. I am slowly adapting this new uberman lifestile, yesterday (it becomes more and more hard to use terms such as "yesterday" or "tomorrow") I was developing new time management methodics for myself and planning the time for naps becomes more and more spontaneous. I certanly need some physical work or training, badminton today after some time felt quite good. I am still thinking about the theory of physical an mental tiredness that need to be balanced to get an optimal nap. It has been almost a week after my last badminton. We even thought here to do some jogging in the mornings, but it is a bit cold outside (last couple of days around -20 celsius).

So back to the question, how does it feel..
I can allready say that it is good and probably going only better: full REM, better alertness, lucid dreaming..


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