Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Future of the Camp

After Sunday we are not anymore tied with the camp - it means, that we are free to come and leave as we want :)
Actually we should have made being in camp mandatory for 10 days, so it wouldn't be that easy to oversleep. But after all adapting uberman sleep physically is one thing, but adapting it also socially and psychically is another assignment. This needs really high motivation and is actually the hardest part.
We have set up SSR reporting, so everyone who is away from camp will report the figures and if not, others will take it as a potential hazard of oversleep. So they can make wake-up call which is allrerady another word we use here as oftenly as word "nap".

But the Camp isn't closed yet, we allready have quite many potential "cutomers". So if you want to gain extra 5 hours a day, join us! :)
Anyway, new camp will start hopefully during 30 days and this time it is not experiment anymore, but it will be allready like tuition of adapting uberman sleep schedule. We hope to make a co-operation with university people here (go regularly under EEG machine etc.) and track the SSR and maybe other ratings (that discribe the health situation) of the participants. There will be more dicipline and physical work / exercises. We need to look up the diet and food additives. Our fan and guide of lucid dreaming - ORZ - suggested we should also take omega-3 fatty acids.
The main instructor will probably be Iff, as he has been the best so far, he also have a talent for giving orders, we have noticed ;)

More information about polyphasic sleep may found from Wikipedia:


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