Saturday, February 04, 2006

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second visit by Don Digimon

was taday, on Friday. Alrady it seemed normal flow of the things - afteh playing LOTR RISK with Iff & two of my friends @ the fraternity house I took my dailynap @ the AlpenHaus. And the waking was awful, and then, in minus 17 degreed of Celcius, I rushed to work again.
Life" beautiful, although it seems a bitch most of the time. Why? I dunno, but the bitches seem to gave lost their roof & mind & act weirdly lately. Winter depression? Too few sex? No boyfriend? All cool dudes taken already?

Friday, February 03, 2006

4. day running

So it is allready 4. day of our camp. Results are quite good and seems that everything is now going only better. We can get sleep during the 30-minute nap times, we allready see dreams (this is pointing to REM phase) and we don't feel that tired (or we have got used to that). We haven't overslept or skipped any naps and seems that the camp is functioning the way it was planned (teamwork).

About the organizational side:
Mätas went to Kohtla-Järve, will be back on sunday and we will communicate with him over the phone and internet (hopefully he will also add something to the blog). Mario will be stepping by, and during the weekends he is also away. But he seemed to manage the schedule by himself (as he does with his schoolwork), so there shouldn't be any worries about him.
If everything goes as planned, we all, this means 100% of the crew, will be Übermenschis by the end of last week.

That's all for now, time to take a nap.
And then party with the fans...jippikaijee


As I said, my last two naps have been an improvement. Just before the end I believe I've managed to experience the REM-stage. It's hard to explain, everything felt and seemed real, but then I woke up and understood that what I saw was a dream. Hopefully now the REM-phase becomes longer and longer. Eventually it should be possible to have lucid dreams, but right now that's in the future.
One more thing, also quite hard to explain, and you need to have a very good imagination to even grasp the concept. At the start of a nap when I lay down and close my eyes and mentally try to guide myself towards the REM-phase I seem to become flatter and heavier. I'll try to explain - when you lie in your bed before falling asleep, you are totally relaxed and you feel warm and comfortable, there doesn't seem to be anything that would make you feel even more relaxed and so on. But this "flatter and heavier" is that more. At some levels, it's like becoming one with the bed, sort of falling a bit into the bed. It's a very very strange feeling, but a quite good one, as well.
More to follow.. I hope.

First official sponsor

We got first official sponsor: Hill (Iff's brother, fresh dad).
He has provided us firewood and hopefully will provide in future also. Just now it is -16 degrees according to Celsius, so we need to use the fireplace here to prevent death by freezing. Actually we have also noticed that with uberman sleep you need warmer place and you start feeling cold pretty easily.


15 minutes ago was down, I hope it's not because we are actively posting here.
Anyway, 8:00 sleep was quite good. First nap, when I finally saw the dreams. Not the Lucid ones yet, but it is a good sign - a progress.
The mental state is better than yesterday, but SSR at the same time 5. It means i feel better but i am more tired. After morning nap it was quite crazy, as soon as you sit down you start falling away.

Today there will be a little party here for fans. It is like with sport, you need fans and sponsors. Fans we got, sponsors not yet. But again, we are hoping for a progress in this field too.

feeling better

haven't posted for some time now, but I'm still here, spent the last night again at a fraternity house in tartu. Played Risk:LOTR Edition the whole night, keeps you awake and concentrated. Naps are getting better, too. Most of the time I'm at SSR 4. Webcam coming up soon probably.

Hard times

It was hard staying up after the 4AM nap (SSR 6), but after 8 o´clock it got really bad. I couldn´t really understand what was going on, so i´d say it was SSR 7-8. Now, with assistance from a breakfast and a tea you could say I have regained conciousness, up to SSR about 5. I wouldn´t like to feel like that again, hopefully I can get some energy from the next nap.
This wouldn´t be so hard if it wasn´t so goddamn cold.

He`s got the whole World in His hands

A time for a few is at hand:
guten morgen!Feelin`
fresh as a daisy,
a bit lazy(basic human lazyness),
thankU, Lord!
almost 2 days überwork behind,
rough last night
rough road tonight, but..
the mornings are bright:)

Silly questions, silly answers

People are asking a lot of questions about Uberman sleep and our camp. Some of them are stupid but of course the curiosity is not a sin and some questions might have a deeper meaning. For example:
What will happen to estonian children, when fathers/potential fathers in Estonia are ruining their health in this way?


But here is a small FAQ, if YOU have some questions, don't hesitate to add them to the comments. That's also why we allow anonymous comments.

Why are you doing this?

Well, maybe we are insane. Maybe we like to do wierd things. Maybe we are just clever and we would like to gain extra 5 hours a day and be rested and full of energy whole 24 hours.
It doesn't mean that you will live your whole life this way, but important is knowing, that you can achieve uberman sleep schedule.

This is bad for your health. Why are you doing this?

Lot of things may be bad for your health. And it is not that black and white. Something may be bad in short term, but useful in longer term and vice versa. Why we are doing this? Scroll couple of rows upwards: we allready answered this question.

How long can you live this way?

Leonardo DaVinci, Buckminster Fuller etc. slept all their lives this way. If you eat properly and get all the needed vitamins & minerals you probably could live this way for years. Some guy sleeped this way half a year and didn't complain.

How can you be back normal?

What is normal? Monophasic sleep 8 hours and friday night couple of bears and 10 hours sleep? Basically you just switch your sleeping schedule back and it will be much more easier.

Human being needs 8 hours a sleep. How is this uberman sleep possible?

This 8 hours is a myth. First the needed sleep depends on individuals. Secondly there has been studies, that show the optimum is actually 6-7 hours (probability to live longer is greater). But this is for monophasic sleep.

Are you drinking a lot of coffee?

No. Not much more than usually. The problem is not being awake but willing to get to the uberman sleep pattern. Using a large amount of coffeine may be useful in short term, but it will also increase the risk for sudden breakdown, so we don't reccoment it.

I am interested, how to join?

That's a practical question. We would be interested in organizeing next camp, but so far you can join over internet by asking questions and submitting your progress. If you are really sure about switching to uberman sleep, then let us know and you will be member of this blog.

How will this influence my sex-life?

Well..we don't know your sex life and we are also not sexologists. But sex and sleeping are 2 different things, so there shouldn't be any problems. During the traning period you are too wasted for sex, but if you wish and can, then just go ahead.

Why sleep at all?

Humans and other animals need REM sleep. Otherwise your brain will stop functioning, memory wouldn't work, you would get bored of yourself etc.

Gute Nacht, Fraülein8!

uni tundub töeline,kuid ärkamine kustutas sisu (nagu tavaliswelt), esimene uni oli tähendusrikas (nb!unenäoseletajad)1lõvi&tiiger noolisid mind,tahtsid vast süüa (eila veel,n üüd uni sügavam, kell 1:15 peale keskööd, need lisatunnid mulle juba armsad;)).,

Slowly progressing

Had about 4 fully slept naps in a row already, now is the first time during that when I´ve felt good. Fresh and alert. Until my last nap I was sleepy, disinterested and nodding off when given the opportunity. Also had a mild headache and a fever.
My body seems to be adjuting to the rhythm, no more problems falling asleep when needed. An interesting detail I´ve noticed is that at least during the last three naps falling asleep has followed the following scenario: Trying to fall asleep, then a sudden trembling of my body which reminds me waking up from a nightmare. And then I shortly fall asleep. I would speculate that I´m possibly already asleep when experiencing this, but it seems to me I´m still awake.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Situation is stabilized

People look quite tired and they prefere not to move more than nessecary. Slow motion. Exept the Mätas, who was actively skiing today and now tries to study.
For me the last naps have been like this: before nap SSR is like 3-4 and after 5-6. Makes no sense but it is caused by short time for nap (now 30 minutes) and thing, that your body is not waking up entirely or something. After naps it takes about an hour, then i feel better again. And the closer to the nap time (after being 3 hours awake) i start feeling more tired - i think that's a good sign.

Tiko and Mätas on the photo, we catch up with Iff later in the city. Mario will hopefully show up also today.

first visit to AlpenHaus made by don Digimon

me, don Digimon, made the first visit to the main camp (AlpenHaus aka Alpimaja in estonian) on Wednesday after we had quite some awesome time playing Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition in the fraternity house.

So I decided to test the sleepin-conditions in the main camp on myself before going to work for 4 PM. I can assure the conditions are satisfing. So I can say that the naps taken by contestants provide enough rest for the participants.

Keep up the good spirit boys! Althoug I can not make the whole camp with you
I am with you in my mind and try to make a contriution to your experiment making my own experiment - trying to make a camp of playing RISK: LotR. All nights long (sth. between 9 to 14 hours on playing through night-time & getting no sleep on day-time). So - it also can be considered as "pushing the limits of yourself experiment": only 3-4 hours of sleep in one or two parts per 24 hours.

So... let"s see what becomes out of my experiment "coz on Monday (Feb. the 6th) starts the school... over 2 & a half years... yeah. Let"s see what becomes out of it.

So - again I wish you all the strength there in the Camp.

Don Digimon,
your official traineer

Innovation in the Camp

The crew desided to provide also webcam of the sleeping room. Webcam needs to be setup properly and we also need right software for transmitting the picture to the Übermensch blog.
Instead of 20-minute naps we decided to use 30-minute naps. Later we will change back to 20. Problem was not falling asleep as quickly and the actual sleep-time seems to be a bit too short.

Not To Worry..

because Mätas was found again and he is still with us. He and Kaspar are taking the nap atm.

Mätas lost again?

Should we start again mission for finding Mätas? He supposed to go to some lecture, that was from 9 to 11. Just now he is not answering the phone.

Still no REM, crew is feeling sleepy

We still don't get to the REM sleep, this worries me a little bit. I hope today/tomorrow get some REM finally. This morning was quite crazy, SSR was about 6. Just now it is better again, though my stomach hurts.

Officialy we will start with 3. camp day this noon. We'll see.
And btw. friday (03. february) we will have a small parti in the Camp House. Of course without alcohol, cause it may affect badly for the sleep-schedule.

Allan and his progress

Allan complained that he took the 8 pm nap and overslept. This is the worse thing actually, because you will not anymore be so tired and then it is also more difficult to get the REM sleep. Oversleeping brakes the rhythym.

Getting difficult now

Managed to get 10-15 minutes of sleep at last. Same for Iff. That means serious difficulties staying up now. Everybody´s struggling against sleep, have to do something about it...


First marks of feeling sleepy and tired. SSR 4-5, was even 6 when we were watching "Waking Life". Waiting for the next nap.
Additional problems - from time to time there are ideas similar to "maybe I should just stop this whole thing and sleep 20h straight" etc.

Is this a dream?

What if you hear everything around you and think that you are awake but actually you are sleeping? Last nap was something like this, I hear everything around me and it really seemed, that i was awake. Still it was really relaxing (for body) and at the same time the pain of waking up let's you know, that you really slepd. Still it doesn't seem like the real REM sleep with Lucid Dreams, althoug i felt some eye movement and it was quite rapid.
But after nap SSR around 3-4 and i feel quite ok.

This is getting strange...

This time I had a feeling I would soon fall asleep, but suddenly my heart started pounding and I felt hot all over. Quite scary, actually. I´ve sept for 20 minutes during the last 36 hours and still not feeling tired. Why?

Mood has dropped and apathy is sinking in - status maybe down to 4.5 SSR

The Midnight

yep, just like Ouroboros, couldn't sleep during the last nap. But it felt a bit better than the previous attempts. Maybe soon I'll get some sleep. Spent my time at a fraternity house again, before that also visited my brother.

Being tired isn't bad actually

I feel quite ok, SSR is something 4-5. Yesterday it felt quite depressing at the same time, but now somehow body has got used to the fact that i am constantly tired. Some sort of awareness about my muscles and bones. But I also know, that quite soon i need another nap again. And this will be also the time to go to sleep according to my "old bioclock", so i probably sleep better. Sleep is not pure REM yet, but at least i sleep half (10 minutes) of the whole sleep-time. So it takes me about 10 minutes to fall asleep.

Badminton was quite hard, but it swept any sort of sleep away. I know that i supposed to be tired after this kind of training, but quess again. It felt like balanced: mental tiredness equals physical tiredness. And total would be over-tired?

The Midnight Update (with a picture)

Guess what?
That´s right, couldn´t sleep this time either and feeling fresh from playing badminton. The closest I´ve got is the feeling swirling around I´ve come to associate with falling asleep.

And now something completely different:

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

19.50 nap

No sleep again. And still not even sleepy. Getting out of the warm bed makes the cold even colder, shivering at the moment. Hopefully some wood will arrive soon. Next up: Getting wood and going to badminton training... That might be tiring enough to actually fall asleep next time.

team at the moment:

Mätas and Mario are in their sweet homes, they will be joining with us (Iff, Kaspar, Tiko) today. Mario has almost kept the schedule, Mätas has rested a lot (read the Mätas saving mission) and is probably fresh and alert (-1 day comparing with rest of us).

Also Allan (username Allah:) will join with us, but not physically. He is trying quite similar schedule and at the same time in Tallinn. Plus he is working 8 hours a day ;) Don't try this at home!

Nap Ranges

Here are the approximate times when we REM-sleep. We sleep in two shifts at the moment. So the time ranges are (all in GMT+2) as follows: 03.45-04.45; 07.45-08.45; 11.45-12.45; 15.45-16.45; 19.45-20.45; 23.45-00.45
Technicly this means that we usually have our naps somewhere during these time ranges. We would very much appreciate if no calls are made during these periods.

The Übermensch Camp Crew

15.50 nap update

No sleep this time. Shouldn´t have eaten those grapes before trying to nap - all I could think about was eating. But I actually wasn´t really tired and current condition is satisfactory as well.
My only complaint is that it´s too damn cold in here - so cold my laptop fan won´t start working even when under the most intense workload, which I haven´t seen happening before.

PS. When buying grapes from the market I forgot what they´re called, so I just bought some of "those"


At last, Mätas showed a sign of life and he is still with us. Although he's going to start again this evening, because, apparently, he fell asleep last night and was unable to wake up. Let's hope he is stronger now.

Back in Tartu

First nap failed, I just couldn´t fall asleep. So I watched the sunrise instead. In Tallinn it started to snow, which was nice. Meeting went okay despite me being even slower than usual. Then it was time for another 2,5-hour bus trip back to Tartu. I was feeling pretty bad already (SSR about 5 + nausea), but finally it was 11.50 and time to sleep. That was a success. Upon waking at 12.10 I was feeling refreshed and hungry. And now, 2 hours and some food later, I´m at SSR 2 and still upbeat.
It must get nasty eventually, though...

it is not as hard as you think.. it is harder

I have tried uberman sleep 2 times before. Of course without a team, so I haven't managed to get to the final target: you can wake up without alarmclock and most of your day (being übermensch you will have 6 days in normal 24-hour day) you feel rested and full of power.
But this time with team spirit and sleeping in shifts we will do it!!!

So what is so difficult about being Übermensch? First you feel just a bit tired, then you start getting this kind of "natural high" state and finally become almost a zombie. Well, all this being awake is a piece of cake (at the beginning), but now you start teasing your body with 20-minute naps.
The most difficult part is getting up: last nap (8 am) I allready actually slept. And it is a long way from the alarm to getting off the bed. When you oversleep, you will actually go back in progress and it is not allowed!

Just now it is a daytime again according to my old bioclock and it is not that hard to stay awake. SSR is about 5 or even 4. But the regular naps are needed to train the body for these 20-minute REM naps. Later we also write more about REM, Lucid Dreaming (another cool thing, that comes with uberman sleep schedule), Vitamins etc. Just now the nap and later we will entertain fans.

Today Mätas and Mario will also join the camping place - our cool Alpi house in the center of Tartu. Tiko will be back from Tallinn about 4 pm.

Between Day 1 and Day 2

We tried to save Mätas, but we couldn't wake him up by throwing snowballs at his windows. So on we went towards one of the fraternity houses in Tartu. We fell at least 1 or 2 SSR points. Kaspar had some problems staying awake, but the situation was managed. The nap at 08.00 was better than the ones before. We (me and Kaspar) were successful in falling asleep for at least a few minutes. Though, waking up is becoming harder and harder. Most of the night was spent watching 2 non-ybermenschians play RISK:LOTR Edition. Kept us awake and sane. This morning we went to a local locale for some breakfast and now we're back at base camp.

Here we go

I´m off to Tallinn for a meeting, no sleep yet tonight :)
Hopefully I can limit myself to 20 minute naps in the bus while not being too antisocial at 10 AM
Current status: alert, minor difficulties focusing, surprisingly upbeat.
Next update by me hopefully 8-9 hours and 2 naps later...

Mätas is lost

Mätas supposed to take his nap in his place, but seems he has got "lost". We probably need to go to resque him, because he doesn't pick the phone. He seemed pretty tired too, working 2 shifts in a row or something..


one more thing, the time zone is GMT +2

Situation in Camp

Why is it a camp? Four men, 7-10 days, one place - Kaspar's apartment. But the conditions aren't too nice.. 11 degrees Celsius (~52 degrees Fahrenheit), hopefully we'll get some firewood tomorrow. But right now I just came back from my firsti 20min nap. Didn't sleep at all, but that's not a surprise. If I was about 2 SSR (Sleepiness Scale Rating) before the nap, then I am 3-4 now. So, we all will probably go a bit insane before this thing starts working. Hopefully we become more or less sane again then.
At the moment Kaspar is having his first go aswell, should be about 15 minutes to go for him. Time for more tea.

How to rate your sleepiness?

As the idea of Übermensch blog is to record in real time the mental and physical state of team members and also provide detailed information for sleep scientists (unfortunately there are not so many of them yet ?) we also need to measure our sleepiness.
We are going to use Stanford Sleepiness Scale (

An Introspective Measure of Sleepiness

The Stanford Sleepiness Scale (SSS)

Degree of SleepinessScale Rating
Feeling active, vital, alert, or wide awake1
Functioning at high levels, but not at peak; able to concentrate2
Awake, but relaxed; responsive but not fully alert3
Somewhat foggy, let down4
Foggy; losing interest in remaining awake; slowed down5
Sleepy, woozy, fighting sleep; prefer to lie down6
No longer fighting sleep, sleep onset soon; having dream-like thoughts7

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1 day

Camp is opened, it is about 11-12 degrees above Celsius.
Here are: Kaspar (slept 5 hours last night), Iff (6 hours), Tiko (10 hours), Mätas (4 hours).

Feeling is OK.