Saturday, February 11, 2006

the lost art of sleeping too much

Hey again! Haven't posted for a while, again. Just have been quite busy and most of the time also without a computer. So.. news. Everything is going well. I fall asleep quite quickly when taking a nap and about one third of the times I wake up before the alarm goes off. Also I usually feel very alert and fresh. Kinda like that ;) At the moment I use eardrops when taking naps at a public or a semi-public place. They work well. The only problem is that it's possible that I don't hear my alarm, but I just ask someone to wake me up when my alarm goes off and again, problem solved.
I overslept just this one time after a friend's birthday party, where I also drank, luckily not too much. It was just alcohol and the thing that I took the last nap earlier and pushed the next nap later (so stayed awake for about 6h 20mins). I slept for 6 hours. But it didn't become a problem, I just continued with my schedule and everything was ok.
Right now I came from soccer practice and feel fysically exhausted, it's nap-time too. So off I go. There's just one thing I'm missing - lucid dreams. I've had some that are close, but I couldn't entirely control them. Maybe now, when I'm also fysically tired, I see something. Let us hope :)

Friday, February 10, 2006


I slept 7 hours yesterday night to help my body recover from illness. I´ll try to get back on schedule tonight. I have to admit that currently it seems a little too much effort maintaining it as long as I have to use an alarm clock every time I want to get up.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Good, the Bad and The Ugly

The Good:
-you are above rest of the society. It feels like being Übermensch and you are not being "shutdown" for half of the day, you only take small naps.
-yesterday was first lucid dream :P
-I really have more time and whenever I feel tired, I can start taking nap

The Bad:
- still feels a bit lack of sleep.
- Probably can't drink a lot of alcohol (haven't tried yet), 1 beer doesn't distrub the schedule.
- Hard to get up....damn it feel realy complicated sometmes to get out of the bed after nap

The Ugly:
- You can't be sure when to wash your teeth.

Pese hambaid hoolega!

Esimesed niidetakse
Tagumised tapetakse
Keskmised tulevad koju tagasi;)
üle oma varju ära kipu!
Maga ja ärka keskmiste sekka
Übermensch alandlike meka -
keha sõna kuula
toida, kata,
liiguta, mata
teki alla ka;)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Redemption blog

One cannot beat time
So let us live it
carpe diem

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our minds.
Have no fear for atomic energy,
’cause none of them can stop the time.

I return and see my friend, Kaspar alive
and optimistic just as I left him.
He`s a better organizer than me,
who likes to pile things to do
ending up being a slave to them
failing, trying, failing -
don`t try this at home,
do it in camp

Won’t you help to sing
These songs of freedom?
’cause all I ever have:
Redemption songs;
Redemption songs.

Losing motivation

Getting out of bed is getting harder and harder. Tonight I again slept a couple of more hours than planned. My cold isn´t any better either. At least the air temperature outside is rising rapidly at the moment.
I´m currently at the camp, where I took the midday nap. It went well. I woke up in the middle, but had dreams before and after that. It seems that REM is starting to kick in nicely.

Free Bonus - Lucid Dreaming

Here is a robustious calculation for those who might value their time:
you spend 10 days in Übermensch Camp, this will cost you 240 hours.
After Camp you will be sleeping 5 hours less than "normal" person. So it will take you 240/5=48 to make back your initial time investment (240 hours). And with first year you will have 360x5=1800 extra hours. And return of your initial investment is 650% with a first year.

Not bad, huh?

But there is also an extra bonus, which was actually the point of this post. Extra bonus is ability to see Lucid dreams and as today was the first time I experienced strong Lucid Dreaming, I will also describe it a bit closer...stay tuned!

Future of the Camp

After Sunday we are not anymore tied with the camp - it means, that we are free to come and leave as we want :)
Actually we should have made being in camp mandatory for 10 days, so it wouldn't be that easy to oversleep. But after all adapting uberman sleep physically is one thing, but adapting it also socially and psychically is another assignment. This needs really high motivation and is actually the hardest part.
We have set up SSR reporting, so everyone who is away from camp will report the figures and if not, others will take it as a potential hazard of oversleep. So they can make wake-up call which is allrerady another word we use here as oftenly as word "nap".

But the Camp isn't closed yet, we allready have quite many potential "cutomers". So if you want to gain extra 5 hours a day, join us! :)
Anyway, new camp will start hopefully during 30 days and this time it is not experiment anymore, but it will be allready like tuition of adapting uberman sleep schedule. We hope to make a co-operation with university people here (go regularly under EEG machine etc.) and track the SSR and maybe other ratings (that discribe the health situation) of the participants. There will be more dicipline and physical work / exercises. We need to look up the diet and food additives. Our fan and guide of lucid dreaming - ORZ - suggested we should also take omega-3 fatty acids.
The main instructor will probably be Iff, as he has been the best so far, he also have a talent for giving orders, we have noticed ;)

More information about polyphasic sleep may found from Wikipedia:

Beginning of day 8.

We have been running in polyphasic sleep mode 7 days. How does it feel?
Well first I have to admit, that I overslept today 2 hours, this is bad. Comparing with monday it is a progress :) Tomorrow I need here some fans or cheerleaders.. hardest for me are naps 12 and 4 pm. You just don't hear the alarmclock.

There are no more this kind of hard sleep deprivation feeling, however I still am more tired after each nap than before - this is not right. Comparing with Steve Pavlina we haven't had such a progress, but this doesn't mean, that there are no progress. I am slowly adapting this new uberman lifestile, yesterday (it becomes more and more hard to use terms such as "yesterday" or "tomorrow") I was developing new time management methodics for myself and planning the time for naps becomes more and more spontaneous. I certanly need some physical work or training, badminton today after some time felt quite good. I am still thinking about the theory of physical an mental tiredness that need to be balanced to get an optimal nap. It has been almost a week after my last badminton. We even thought here to do some jogging in the mornings, but it is a bit cold outside (last couple of days around -20 celsius).

So back to the question, how does it feel..
I can allready say that it is good and probably going only better: full REM, better alertness, lucid dreaming..

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I haven´t been writing lately, but it seems at least my post won´t disappear if I post it now. That means it´s time for an update.
Sunday morning was very good compared to the previous mornings, we were all nicely awake. Evening wasn´t that good for me. Mood was down and the cold I had caught was getting worse. That was of course helped by the fact that we had run out of wood and it was really cold (or it seemed that way). It certainly seems that the immune system is not working as good as it could, at least during the transitional period.
I decided to go home to be in a warmer place and maybe even get something done.
On Monday morning I managed to oversleep for a few hours. The moments you think "Oh, I´ll just lie here fore a couple of more minutes" are the hardest ones. If you have got nobody to pull you out of bed when needed, you need a really good discipline to succeed.
The 4PM nap was scheduled while in school. But I only had a short break and was really hungry. So I couldn´t get any sleep and ate instead. The 8PM nap went fine, but I didn´t get any sleep during the midnight one.
New day brings new challenges. I may have to resort to playing Football Manager to keep myself up through the night. It will also be difficult getting sleep at the university between lectures.
I´ll keep you posted...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Between Day 6 and Day 7

The last nap was a really good one compared to all of my previous naps. When I woke up, I felt relaxed and good and alert. SSR 1 or 2 :)
The feeling that the body/mind needs more sleep almost disappeared. Even went to all of my today's lectures, no problem whatsoever.
Right now at camp with Kaspar - cooking.

towards being an Übermensch...

I haven't posted for a while. It is because we have been quite busy and there has not been any greater progress. It still feels like having a sleep deprivation and I eaven made my 8am nap longer (I took 30 minute nap, then wake up, but felt so tired that I decided to sleep another 30 minutes, which became 2 hour sleep, although I woke up the first time when alarm went of).

Tiko also overslept (he is also a bit sick), Iff is running well and just now in his lectures - good for him!

But then again we have survived 6 days and 7. is just now going on. According to Steve Pavlina after 7. day it should change - the feeling of sleep deprivation will disappear. We will see.
Actually after sleeping this 2 hours almost in a row, i feel quite good. I have a new burst of motivation and today we probably also deside how to continue with the camp. We definitly need more dicipline and time planing, I haven't done my work-related tasks lately, so it makes me a bit I finally consentrated on unfinished things...also makes me feel good.
No lucid dreams yet, but the REM phase is recognizable. So we allready are almost ubermen. And this means, we can take new people to the camp and be instructors (we allready have couple of candidates:)
Future plans of Übermensch Camp are coming soon. Sorry about webcam, we still haven't desided weather we would like to be reality show stars or not, the main purpose is still implementing the polyphasic schedue, not making show to people.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

webcam. live!

We are testing our webcam.


Testing over. It works just fine. For the moment, though, we turned it off.

slow improvements

naps are getting better, slowly, but still. besides the "accident" yesterday, I'm starting to feel better and not so tired. SSR 3 probably. Only one thing - I feel cold all the time, atm there's 18 degrees celsius here, but I'm wearing two jerseys, a scarf (ok, that's also very nice for the eye ;)) and gloves. Weird, huh? Time for nap.

1 sleep left to beginning of 6. day

Iff, Kaspar and Tiko are in the Camp. Situtation in Camp is OK.

Mario is in Tallinn, being badminton referee in some competitions. Mätas will be back prabably this afternoon, he didn't pick the phone right now.
Mario had skipped 2 naps yesterday and planned to take 1 hour nap instead of 30 minutes. He reported a strong headache and tiredness. He will be back today, probably after 7pm.

Webcam was allready tested and will be publicly acessable for monday's morning. Crew is using reportsheets to record SSR-s before, after and 1 hour after naps. This data can be analysez later.

Outside temperature is -21 degrees and we are out of firewood. But inside temperature is +18, so there is no problem yet.

Today crew is planning to set up the end-date for the camp.

5. day with some difficulties (delayed)

Last guests (girls) left 4am.
4 am nap was good, but for Tiko and Iff it was disturbed (whispering girls).
After 4 am nap Kaspar and Iff were really sleepy. Kaspar slowly passed away.
Team decided to take the 8 o'clock sleep earlier. Kaspar slept from 7.15 till 7.45, Iff and Tiko from 7.45 till 8.15. At the same time Kaspar was already quite passed out and was napping on the chair. Iff didn´t manage to wake up properly and somehow went back to bed and slept 10 more minutes after 8 o'clock nap.
From 8.15 till 10 Iff and Kaspar were like zombies, Tiko had no power to wake them up. Team decided to take the nap earlier - 10 am. Kaspar took nap 11 am and overslept, woke up around 13.30. Iff and Tiko continued being zombies: Tiko called Iff's name, Iff opened his eyes for a second then closed them again, Tiko watched the unlit fireplace, collected power, called Iff again and so on.

In the morning there were problems with 2 posts by Tiko. They disappeared???
Just now the team is OK and plans to continue with the old schedule: next nap will be at 4 pm.